Nadia Price
Translator ♦ English into French
  • 9+ years of experience in the USA in the field of translation and interpreting
  • Translating only into my native language
  • Currently pursuing the Professional Translator Certificate from New York University
  • Associate Member (No. 255060) of the American Translators Association
  • Verified and certified member of (see profile)
  • Working in pairs with equally-qualified translators to include proofreading/editing in my services

Downloadable C.V. in PDF format (Nadia Price_ English to French Translator_Resume_2014_forWeb) or via LinkedIn.

Rates, samples and references are available upon request.


A native from the Northeast of France, Nadia started studying English and German in primary school, and enjoyed learning some Spanish in high-school. Her high-school majors for the French baccalaureate were economics/ sociology and foreign languages. She obtained her Cambridge First Certificate (English) and Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (Goethe-Institut, German) during that time.

She became fluent in English thanks to stays  as an au pair in London, Texas and South Carolina, and improved on her spoken fluency with studies in Foreign Applied Languages (preparing for translation) at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, France.

She completed the English into French Professional Translation Certificate at NYU in May 2014.


When moving back to South Carolina in 2002, Nadia started working as a project coordinator for a translation agency, and moved on to sales & project manager with another agency. During that time, she was responsible for selecting translators, managing multilingual projects and proofreading French translations thoroughly. She also took on some voiceover, translation and phone interpreting projects.

From 2008-2010, Nadia held the position of sales & marketing director for a golf course design company where she developed a line of merchandise for the company worldwide. In 2011, she also assisted the architectural/ design group by translating proposals, technical specifications, routing summaries, correspondence and PowerPoint presentations into French for a project in Morocco. She has been a freelance translator ever since, working for multiple clients in a variety of fields ranging from commercial/ business to consumer & cosmetics products. She is now based in Eugene, Oregon (Pacific Timezone).


From 2010 until 2013, she worked as a skillful, capable French-English consecutive/ phone interpreter providing seamless communication in both languages by utilizing her broad knowledge of terminology in various fields such as: Finance, Medical, Judiciary, Insurance, Computer Technology, Social Services, and Consumer Services. She interacted with professionals of various backgrounds on a daily basis using customer service and communication skills, employing organizational skills, as well as extreme attention to detail. Passed a DHS clearance for USCIS asylum interviews.

Nadia is available to take on translation, proofreading, summarization, and voiceover projects in the fields of business/ commercial, consumer products,  marketing, public relations, technology, human resources, cosmetics/ beauty, among other fields.


 nadiawprice (at) ♦ Skype chat: nadiaprice
Cell: (+1) 864-373-3302


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