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C’est ce qu’on appelle…

28 Jan

…être dans de beaux draps (litterally, “to find oneself in some pretty – ironic tone – sheets!”…you said, what??)!

Baby G in some deep/pretty sheets... :)

Baby G in some deep sheet… 🙂

être dans de beaux draps


(idiomatic) To be up the creek without a paddle; be in trouble; be in a pickle; be in a spot of bother.

Etymology: white sheets worn for the atonement of one’s sins. (Source: Wiktionnaire)

To be in a right fix/mess (Source: Le Grand Robert & Collins) Lire la suite

It is not too late…

19 Jan

…to wish you a new year of health, happiness and prosperity! I hope you have had a chance to recharge over the holidays and had a good start in 2014. Have you set new personal or professional goals, or is that something you do on a regular basis without needing a new calendar year to remind you?

I must say I have not had the opportunity to update my marketing plan and figure out exactly where I should focus my efforts this year. I have not even had a chance to « digest » last year, because, as you can tell from the irregularity of my posts, it has been extremely busy with:

  • 2 classes at NYU towards my Professional Certificate in Translation, English to French: Human Resources and Technical Translation
  • developing my freelance translation business while phone interpreting full-time up until early April
  • bringing our first child into the world in May (which involved childbirth classes from January to March) and welcoming my parents from France for a visit until early June
  • transitioning to full-time translation in June (including translating over 100,000 words in the print industry over several months) while caring for a new baby Lire la suite

Le cercle des irréductibles lexicophiles, ou comment les traducteurs créatifs s’obstinent…

6 Sep

Certains diraient qu’ils sont fous, ces traducteurs, d’autres qu’ils font preuve d’un professionnalisme exemplaire. Alors que le grand public perçoit souvent la traduction comme un métier en voie de disparition vu le développement de technologies en « équations interlinguales » (ou officiellement, Traduction automatique…), une centaine de traducteurs français-anglais dévoués se sont réunis du 18 au 22 août au Québec pour perfectionner leurs compétences langagières lors de la conférence « On traduit dans l’Estrie » organisée par Anglocom. Pour ces professionnels insatiables, quelle est la recette d’une conférence réussie ? Lire la suite

Rejoignez-moi à la conférence « On traduit dans l’Estrie »

2 Août
Français : Lac de la région de l'Estrie, (Estrie).

Lac de la région de l’Estrie, (Estrie). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Si vous recherchez une conférence de traduction de qualité, je vous invite à me rejoindre dans la région de l’Estrie au Québec du 19 au 22 août, pour un programme qui promet (via Programme, volet anglais > français). 🙂

J’ai vraiment hâte de côtoyer des collègues chevronnés, de développer mes facultés de traductrice, tout cela dans un cadre magnifique!

 Au plaisir de vous y retrouver!

Le mot du travail: « to work out »

30 Juil

I find that when my workday of interpreting stressful  (yet fulfilling) phone calls, translating tricky terminology, billing projects and bidding on new ones is over… I am ready to let my brain rest and to get my body working!

I could assimilate all the knowledge and wisdom in the world (if only I had a brain large enough to memorize every bit of information that matters!), but it would not lead anywhere if meanwhile, my body was deprived of any challenge or care. Sure, I could go to the gym and run around in circles like a lab rat (or worse, at a standstill!), or go to my man’s basement and try myself at bodybuilding (and I have before!)…

Woman deadlifting (not me!)

… Whatever physical activity I pick, it has to be fun! But first, let’s review how to express working out in French: Lire la suite

The Olympic Torch – a linguistic perspective

25 Juil

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony approaches, so the Olympic torch approaches London. When the torch enters the stadium, this Friday, July 27, and is used to light up the cauldron, the Games will be declared open.

Lire la suite

Le mot du travail : « œuvrer »

2 Juil

After 5 weeks in Europe, I am finally back in my home office and slowly settling back into a “routine” (in quotation marks because there is honestly nothing repetitive or regular about interpreting and translating… that’s what keeps things interesting!). I cannot believe I did not get a chance to create a single post while in France! I must say that if I ever was at the computer, it was to work on a translation project with a deadline or quickly manage e-mails and prevent an overflow of messages. Lire la suite

When gender matters: « le découvert » vs. « la découverte »

26 Mar

As you can tell from the decreasing frequency of my posts, this interpreter/ translator/ blogger/ student is busy… and right now, feeling quite overwhelmed (in French: Je suis un peu dépassée par les évènements !). It is not just the work; it is the research and decision-making involved in moving. It seems to completely clog up my mind and stifle creativity. The anxiety of finding the right home, a good mover at a good price, packing & organizing, and then transferring all our bills, all that while we are already preparing for an extended stay overseas … it is all a bit much for me!

Since I am already researching and relearning financial terms related to the stock market for my class, I thought I would firstly share our mot du bonjour, and then cover some definitions. Lire la suite

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