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Le mot du repos : « concocter des petits plats »

18 Mar

Quand j’ai un peu de temps ou quand je reçois des amis ou ma famille, j’aime bien concocter des petits plats (ou des grands selon le nombre de personnes !) savoureux, qui conviennent à tous les goûts.

When I have a little time or when I am hosting friends or family, I enjoy concocting (devising) delicious small dishes (or big ones depending on how many!) that are suitable to all tastes.

Following is the recipe for one of my “staple dishes” that my American family and friends rave about, and is great if you need to bring a large covered dish at a party or family get-together:



A slice of my lasagna | © Leanne Wickliffe-Keisler

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Le mot d’émotion : « Pleurer comme une madeleine »

7 Mar

Mes madeleines, home-made

Don’t worry, I am not crying my eyes out today, but I thought it would be a great excuse to also share one of my favorite French “biscuits/ petits gâteaux” (or as Nancy’s® likes to say, “small bites”). Baking a sizable batch is on my list this week, because I have been craving my little lemony, light madeleines, which so perfectly accompany my afternoon tea or coffee. Lire la suite

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