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Accounting may not be fun, but it can be funny…

11 Mai

My translation class is over, I am all moved in, and things seem to start getting back to “normal” (at least for me… It is my husband’s birthday today but he won’t have any time to celebrate since he has until Monday to prepare 5 summer classes in 4 days…). I am anxiously awaiting our departure to France next week, it will be so wonderful to spend time with family and friends (and have a break from the daily interpreting calls/ drama)! Lire la suite

Today’s French word: « M.D.R. »

27 Août

Want to learn some texting abbreviations in French? Easy… Let’s start with:

// *M.D.R. / Mort De Rire // L.O.L. / Laughing Out Loud.
Litteral translation: Dying Laughing.


Je suis *MDR = Je suis mort(e) de rire // I am LOL = I am laughing out loud.
Ah, ha! *MDR! // Ha, ha! LOL
*LMAO!! (Laughing My Ass Off) // PTDR (Pété De Rire)

*Disclaimer: these abbreviations are not in the dictionary and do not constitute real words. Please only use in texting, on-line chatting or twittering. Do no use in e-mails, letters or essays!

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