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Le mot rigolo : « tomber à l’eau »

13 Juil

J’avais l’intention de faire un tour en roller après le travail, mais comme il pleut, mes projets sont tombés à l’eau ! // I had intended to go rollerblading after work, but since it is raining, my plans fell through!

tomber à l’eau /tɔ̃.be a lo/

  1. (Figuré) N’être plus envisagé, être abandonné.
    • Il ne partira pas à l’aventure, son projet est tombé à l’eau.
    • Ce modèle économique tombe à l’eau.
      (Source : Wiktionnaire)

In the above instance, the use of this expression is also a pun since my plan literally “fell in the water” or was “watered down” by rain… And since water is the reason I am still at my computer after work, I thought I would share a couple of other related expressions: Lire la suite

Le mot du travail : « œuvrer »

2 Juil

After 5 weeks in Europe, I am finally back in my home office and slowly settling back into a “routine” (in quotation marks because there is honestly nothing repetitive or regular about interpreting and translating… that’s what keeps things interesting!). I cannot believe I did not get a chance to create a single post while in France! I must say that if I ever was at the computer, it was to work on a translation project with a deadline or quickly manage e-mails and prevent an overflow of messages. Lire la suite

Le mot rigolo : «embrouillamini»

30 Mar

I am enjoying following Le mot du jour, which started back in March with a daily French word and Wiktionary definitions. I had to share today’s fun word, which is so perfectly fitting to my daily interpreting calls and some interesting misunderstandings even with my husband:

// embrouillamini // masculine noun: (Colloquial) Confusion. Des embrouillamis regrettables. FR. SYN. Imbroglio (Source: Multidictionnaire) Lire la suite

When gender matters: « le découvert » vs. « la découverte »

26 Mar

As you can tell from the decreasing frequency of my posts, this interpreter/ translator/ blogger/ student is busy… and right now, feeling quite overwhelmed (in French: Je suis un peu dépassée par les évènements !). It is not just the work; it is the research and decision-making involved in moving. It seems to completely clog up my mind and stifle creativity. The anxiety of finding the right home, a good mover at a good price, packing & organizing, and then transferring all our bills, all that while we are already preparing for an extended stay overseas … it is all a bit much for me!

Since I am already researching and relearning financial terms related to the stock market for my class, I thought I would firstly share our mot du bonjour, and then cover some definitions. Lire la suite

Le mot du repos : « concocter des petits plats »

18 Mar

Quand j’ai un peu de temps ou quand je reçois des amis ou ma famille, j’aime bien concocter des petits plats (ou des grands selon le nombre de personnes !) savoureux, qui conviennent à tous les goûts.

When I have a little time or when I am hosting friends or family, I enjoy concocting (devising) delicious small dishes (or big ones depending on how many!) that are suitable to all tastes.

Following is the recipe for one of my “staple dishes” that my American family and friends rave about, and is great if you need to bring a large covered dish at a party or family get-together:



A slice of my lasagna | © Leanne Wickliffe-Keisler

Lire la suite

« Mademoiselle » chante le blues… « Mondamoiseau » se retire pour toujours…

16 Mar

Mademoiselle chante le blues, Patricia Kaas

“Mademoiselle” is singing the blues. Mademoiselle has the blues. Mademoiselle has disappeared forever, at least from all official forms issued by the State in France. The removal of a supposedly discriminating title has caused quite some reactions in France, mainly against it. Lire la suite

It’s Bissextile …

29 Fév

Happy Leap Day! My friend at « Je parle americain » did such a great job explaining « Bissextile years », that I had to share with my readers… I have always felt bad for the kids born on February 29th… If that is you, I hope you are celebrating your birthday extra-hard!

je parle américain

Monday afternoon, I realized something fairly mundane but nonetheless rare: it was Leap Year and today was going to be Leap Day. Sitting at my desk, I turned to Michel and I started to tell him that (in French, because we almost always speak in French now), but I stopped short when I couldn’t find the word …

« Hé, Michel. Mercredi, on sera le jour de … euh … c’est le …
tu sais … le 29 février. Comment on dit ça en français? »
« Hey, Michel. Wednesday is the day of … um … it’s the …
you know … the 29th of February. How do you say that in French? »

« Oh, c’est la bissextile. »
« Oh, it’s the bissextile. »

<one raised eyebrow>

« Euh, la quoi? »
« Uh, the what? »

After my brain had a few seconds to parce the word and realize it had nothing to do with what I…

Voir l’article original 870 mots de plus

Le mot d’action : « Ne pas être sorti de l’auberge »

21 Fév

I have another 45 minutes of calls (my last one turned me into a nerve wreck, because it was about a baby who was turning blue and could not breathe, and we had to tell mom to call 911!), my blog post for the day is not up yet, I have 2000 more words to translate as soon as possible, I have started my translation class and the exercise, but I still have a guest post to write in English for another blog and I am past the deadline… But also, it was my birthday yesterday, and my husband and I are celebrating with a romantic date tonight, at a French restaurant 1h30 from here. I want to make myself pretty and have a nice manicure, but only one hand is painted. Right, I am so not out of the woods yet!! Lire la suite

♥ Le mot d’émotion : « Éperdu d’amour » ♥

15 Fév

Our Valentine’s day topic… continued. Why? Because in French, we love l’amour of course! It really is the most important topic of our literature (from “Madame Bovary” to “Les fleurs du mal”), music, and cinematography. This makes it really hard if you are single and strolling through the streets of Paris… love is in the air, especially this week! Lire la suite

♥ Le mot d’action : « un geste d’amour » ♥

14 Fév

Un regard, une étreinte, un touché, un baiser,
Des paroles et des gestes d’amour toute l’année ;
Bien plus que des chocolats ou quelques fleurs à la St-Valentin,
Ce sont ces gestes qui ravivent l’amour, chaque matin
Chaque jour, chaque soir et pour toujours
C’est ça le secret d’un éternel amour.

~ Nadia Price, mariée depuis 10 ans

It does not quite rhyme I know…  I am no poet, just a translator-interpreter-blogger. However, on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share the key to everlasting love ♥, in my book. Lire la suite

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