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C’est ce qu’on appelle…

28 Jan

…être dans de beaux draps (litterally, “to find oneself in some pretty – ironic tone – sheets!”…you said, what??)!

Baby G in some deep/pretty sheets... :)

Baby G in some deep sheet… 🙂

être dans de beaux draps


(idiomatic) To be up the creek without a paddle; be in trouble; be in a pickle; be in a spot of bother.

Etymology: white sheets worn for the atonement of one’s sins. (Source: Wiktionnaire)

To be in a right fix/mess (Source: Le Grand Robert & Collins) Lire la suite

Le mot du travail: « to work out »

30 Juil

I find that when my workday of interpreting stressful  (yet fulfilling) phone calls, translating tricky terminology, billing projects and bidding on new ones is over… I am ready to let my brain rest and to get my body working!

I could assimilate all the knowledge and wisdom in the world (if only I had a brain large enough to memorize every bit of information that matters!), but it would not lead anywhere if meanwhile, my body was deprived of any challenge or care. Sure, I could go to the gym and run around in circles like a lab rat (or worse, at a standstill!), or go to my man’s basement and try myself at bodybuilding (and I have before!)…

Woman deadlifting (not me!)

… Whatever physical activity I pick, it has to be fun! But first, let’s review how to express working out in French: Lire la suite

Day 5 (and my favorite!): Malta

28 Juil

Day 5 of our Mediterranean adventure: Malta.

My favorite stop for sure:

  1. It was the most relaxed; no big crowds – or mobs, it was easy to find a good driver and we had a full day.
  2. Our driver took us all over the island in his van, from the glass & pottery factories to the blue gorge. He was very personable, a true Maltese and spoiled us a V.I.P. Insider Tour!
  3. Malta itself is beautiful and so interesting, from the contrast of white sandstone and vibrant colors, to Valetta and the fisherman’s village.
  4. We got to eat the most awesome lunch ever at a restaurant by the sea where our driver’s daughter works (it is always great when you can support a local business…): we entered through the kitchen, picked 3 types of fish fresh from that morning, and enjoyed a « festin » (feast) with all the trimmings… local wine included!
  5. Maltese is the most diverse and interesting language I have ever heard, and is made up of Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, English… but is written with the Latin alphabet. The Maltese cross represents the 8 founding nations of the island.


I highly recommend Malta and I would go back there for a week-long stay in a second… just beau-ti-ful!!


Assurément, la plus belle escale de notre croisière. Cette île est un carrefour culturel bâti sur des siècles de conquête. Pour plus de renseignements, Wikipédia sera votre ami.

Croisière 2012  144 sur 398

Croisière 2012  145 sur 398

Déjà, le port est tellement joli qu’il mérite au moins deux photos.

Croisière 2012  146 sur 398

Là, c’est nous.

Croisière 2012  190 sur 398

Claire à passé un coup de fil, et hop…

Croisière 2012  238 sur 398

…on avait notre taxi pour 6 personnes. Lowry, dit Kojak, était notre chauffeur. 

Pour pas cher du tout, il nous a emmené voir tous les plus beaux coins de son île pendant toute une journée.

Direction Valletta, la capitale.

Croisière 2012  155 sur 398

D’abord, une verrerie à Valletta où oeuvrent de vrais artistes.

Croisière 2012  149 sur 398

Là, il vous fait un signe. 

Croisière 2012  151 sur 398

Donc, vous l’aurez compris, faut pas toucher avec les doigts. Pourquoi ? Je sais pas.

Croisière 2012  154 sur 398

Voilà le résultat. Donc, ça c’est un cygne loupé reconverti en lapin.


On est aussi aller voir des orfèvre qui utilise du fil d’argent et d’or pour…

Voir l’article original 194 mots de plus

The Olympic Torch – a linguistic perspective

25 Juil

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games Opening Ceremony approaches, so the Olympic torch approaches London. When the torch enters the stadium, this Friday, July 27, and is used to light up the cauldron, the Games will be declared open.

Lire la suite

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