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Le mot du travail : « délai »

6 Fév
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Google Calendar – add an event (Photo credit: Spinstah)

Deadlines, rush jobs and tighter deadlines… The life of a translator! In fact, deadlines are part of our daily lives, whether we deliver services or products, draw up reports or write up articles, or pay any type of bills. Personally, I like to give myself a limit date before the deadline, to leave myself time for proofreading if it has not been done yet, and for unexpected issues. I use my Outlook or Google calendar, to set my projects up with their respective timeframes and priority levels. How do you manage your deadlines, any tips?

Today’s word, as you can tell, is also a “faux-ami” (false cognate); beware not to mix-up with “delay” (retard). You don’t want to run into any delays for your délai…

// délai // masculine noun: deadline, timeframe
Synonyms: la date limite, la date butoir, (due date=) une échéance


Dans le milieu de la traduction, les délais sont très serrés (or « justes ») ! // In the field of translation, deadlines are very tight!

Il est primordial de respecter les délais, tout autant que de fournir un travail de qualité. // It is of upmost important to meet deadlines, as much as providing quality work.

Les candidatures doivent être déposées avant le 29 février si on veut postuler pour cette mission. // The deadline to drop off applications is February 29, if you want to apply for this project.

Je suis vraiment navré de vous apprendre que je ne vais pas pouvoir rendre le rapport dans les délais convenus. // I am so sorry to have to tell you that I will not be able to return the report by the agreed deadline.

Good luck in meeting your deadlines; bonne chance pour respecter vos délais !
Don’t forget to comment below if you have any time management tips (des “tuyaux”) to share with us… Have a great week!

Le mot intello: « Élémentaire, mon cher Watson! »

12 Jan
Sherlock Holmes (2009 film)
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Sherlock Holmes is quite an interesting character… intelligent, devious, somewhat crazy and extravagant. I grew up watching a cartoon about him, and just recently read « The Hound of the Baskervilles » which I enjoyed. I found the two recent films made by Guy Ritchie very entertaining. The sets look quite accurate, and Robert Downey, Jr. & Jude Law make a great team as Holmes and Watson!

// Élémentaire // adj. elementary, basic
Il s’agit donc d’un problème de mathématique élémentaire, voyons! // Come on, it is just a basic math problem!
Ma fille est actuellement en CE2, à l’école élémentaire Molière. // My daughter is currently in 3rd grade, at the Molière elementary (or « primary ») school.
Mon niveau de français est assez élémentaire, je l’ai seulement étudié pendant 2 ans. // My level of French is pretty basic, I have only been studying it for 2 years.
I hope you get to see the movies, I am quite fond of them… and in that case, I wish you a « bon film »!
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