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Le premier mot de 2012: « résolution »

11 Jan

Bonjour et bonne année!

It has been too long since I have posted any new words, and there have been quite a few personal changes since my last post. I needed a break because I was in the middle of switching careers… I had worked in the translation industry for 6 years, then went to golf marketing for 2 years. When the economy « slumped » (and the real estate industry with it…), I was ready for a positive change!

I got the opportunity to work again in my field, and I have been enjoying being a phone interpreter, from home, for over a year now… it is really neat to be able to help people from all over the world communicate effectively, from out here in the mountains!

I am also back « in school » part-time, with 1 distance-learning class per semester at NYU SCPS towards the Professional Translator Certificate… The program has been very beneficial to me so far, and I look forward to learning new specialties this year!

I have decided to take up the blog again in the current format. WordPress.com has some neat new features, and I hope to be able to take advantage of them this year even though I absolutely can not figure out CSS coding.

So enough « updates », et… retournons à nos moutons (which means, « let’s get back to the topic »), and today, let’s learn to talk about:

Votre résolution peut varier au gré des vagues agitées et capricieuses de l’opinion humaine ; la mienne est ancrée sur le rocher immuable des siècles. — (Walter Scott, Ivanhoé, Traduction de l’anglais par Alexandre Dumas, 1820)

// résolution // nom féminin: (you guessed ;-)…) resolution, resolve, decision


Prendre, former une résolution. // To make, take a resolution.
J’ai pris la résolution de mettre à jour mon blog au moins une fois par semaine en 2012. // I have made the resolution to update my blog at least once per week in 2012.
Je vais faire de mon mieux pour exécuter mes bonnes résolutions de l’année! // I will do my best to implement my new year resolutions!
Pour 2012, je forme la résolution d’apprendre quelques mots de français chaque jour. // For 2012, I am making the resolution to learn a few words of French each day.

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