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Today’s mot rigolo: « la pom-pom girl »

3 Sep

Football season is starting, the game is on!! Although American football is not very popular in France… yet… I love this made-up Frenglish word, quite appropriate to kick off football season (or is it just an older word used in American English in the ’70s? Your comments here please!):

// la pom-pom girl // nom féminin: the cheerleader

Les pom-pom girls de Clemson

Another word for a cheerleader is « la majorette« .

{Courtesy of cratelabelsonline.com}

Note: We do not have a word for a male cheerleader in French… sorry boys!

And to close, remember how to cheer in French: « Allez les Tigres!! » (« Go Tigers! ») for example… Profitez bien de la saison du football américain!

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