It is not too late…

19 Jan

…to wish you a new year of health, happiness and prosperity! I hope you have had a chance to recharge over the holidays and had a good start in 2014. Have you set new personal or professional goals, or is that something you do on a regular basis without needing a new calendar year to remind you?

I must say I have not had the opportunity to update my marketing plan and figure out exactly where I should focus my efforts this year. I have not even had a chance to « digest » last year, because, as you can tell from the irregularity of my posts, it has been extremely busy with:

  • 2 classes at NYU towards my Professional Certificate in Translation, English to French: Human Resources and Technical Translation
  • developing my freelance translation business while phone interpreting full-time up until early April
  • bringing our first child into the world in May (which involved childbirth classes from January to March) and welcoming my parents from France for a visit until early June
  • transitioning to full-time translation in June (including translating over 100,000 words in the print industry over several months) while caring for a new baby

juggling-lifeIt seems like this list should be longer to justify not having published any content (and I apologize for not having been able to keep up Le mot du (Bon)jour), however, I work long days (sometimes with interrupted sleep), juggling baby, studying and working, and all my creativity and focus goes into my translations, so there is little left for blogging when I finish my day at 11pm!

But the most important thing is that I LOVE every aspect of my life. Working at home with my baby actually helps me work better, because:

  • She is the sweetest baby ever!
  • I don’t have to worry about finding a trusting caregiver for her or whether she is happy or sad, healthy or sick…I know (and anticipate) her every need.
  • I don’t have to endure leaving her and her missing me, so I focus better on my work.
  • She is such a strong motivation to perform and exceed my clients’ expectations, so they can continue to rely on my services.
  • She is such a sweet baby (have I already said that?)!
  • When I worked in an office environment, I was regularly interrupted by phone calls, colleagues, bosses, visitors, etc. Working at home, I don’t have to worry about fitting into a corporate structure. She IS my coffee break, and my lunch date, every day…
  • She plays on her own and is content with minimal interaction from me while I work at the computer; we « catch up » on breaks.
  • Oh and she naps twice a day (most days), a highly productive two to three hours, on top of the other six.
  • And then there is the welcome help from my husband when he returns home from work.

Soon enough, I will need to hire more frequent at-home help, but in the meantime, I am enjoying every minute of it! And she is growing up so fast, I am so thankful to be able to watch her crawl further, jump higher, laugh harder, reach and grab better… It took a lot of work to get here and I still have so much more I want to accomplish in my career, but this is the right path for me.

I  am thankful for the professors, mentors, colleagues and clients who are supporting me in my efforts and relying on my services. I also thank my readers for following me in this journey. And I hope I will have a chance, every once in a while, to publish some interesting articles and share some fun translation challenges – it never gets boring, I can guarantee it!

4 Réponses to “It is not too late…”

  1. La poutre dans l'œil janvier 24, 2014 à 11:13 #

    Aaaaaaand she’s back! 😉

    • FrenchNad janvier 24, 2014 à 14:26 #

      Thanks Pierre! I enjoy your blog. 🙂
      I am back, at least on the blogosphere 🙂 Twitter, not so much… I have such a hard time integrating « tweeting » into my routine… Do you tweet?

      • La poutre dans l'œil janvier 24, 2014 à 14:33 #

        I do (@ArcTranslations) and I now follow you 😉

      • FrenchNad janvier 24, 2014 à 14:37 #

        I was already following you via @lemotdubonjour. Well that is our profiles were connected but I need to log on more often 😉
        En attendant, passez un excellent week-end!


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