A day at sea…

26 Juil

Day 3 was spent navigating from Barcelona to Tunis. There are certainly a lot of things to do on the ship, between working out at the gym, swimming and tanning by the pool… With 4000 people on board though, the best place to really rest is in the cabin, at the balcony, watching the sea…
We are not your typical resort/ cruise enthusiast, too many people is just not relaxing. But lunch (as long as you avoid the buffet!) and dinner were always good with great service, and we would take advantage of as many hours as possible at each port-of-call. Too bad we were welcomed in Tunis with the taxi drivers mob… We just wanted to have fun and visit… (to be continued)


Le deuxième jour, c’est un jour sans. Sans escale. Bref, on flotte.

Croisière 2012  93 sur 398

Le matin, pour me rafraîchir, je vais faire une petite virée sur le pont du navire à 05.00.

Croisière 2012  95 sur 398

Croisière 2012  97 sur 398Si tu te sens seul… c’est qu’il n’y a personne.

Croisière 2012  98 sur 398

Croisière 2012  99 sur 398

Le soleil se lève sur la barrière du pont.

Croisière 2012  100 sur 398

Croisière 2012  90 sur 398

Croisière 2012  101 sur 398

Nous on est au onzième.

Croisière 2012  262 sur 398

Croisière 2012  263 sur 398

Putu, pour vous servir. Ce gars est cool.

Croisière 2012  264 sur 398

On a faim du manger !

Demain, Tunis…

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2 Réponses to “A day at sea…”

  1. Nathalie juillet 26, 2012 à 10:20 #

    Love your posts!

    • FrenchNad juillet 26, 2012 à 11:02 #

      Thanks Nathalie for stopping by and I know SimonBe will be happy to hear you enjoyed his pictures and tale of our family vacation! 😉


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