Le mot rigolo : « tomber à l’eau »

13 Juil

J’avais l’intention de faire un tour en roller après le travail, mais comme il pleut, mes projets sont tombés à l’eau ! // I had intended to go rollerblading after work, but since it is raining, my plans fell through!

tomber à l’eau /tɔ̃.be a lo/

  1. (Figuré) N’être plus envisagé, être abandonné.
    • Il ne partira pas à l’aventure, son projet est tombé à l’eau.
    • Ce modèle économique tombe à l’eau.
      (Source : Wiktionnaire)

In the above instance, the use of this expression is also a pun since my plan literally “fell in the water” or was “watered down” by rain… And since water is the reason I am still at my computer after work, I thought I would share a couple of other related expressions:

Il y a de l’eau dans le gaz // Things aren’t running too smoothly

Ils sont comme l’eau et le feu // They’re as different as night and day/ chalk and cheese

De la même eau // of the same ilk

J’en avais l’eau à la bouche ! // It made my mouth water!

Mettre de l’eau dans son vin (Revoir ses prétentions à la baisse/ calmer son jeu) // To water down one’s wine/ to climb down/ to make concessions/ to eat humble pie

I am so disappointed: it was sunny all day and I was really looking forward to getting some exercise by the lake… But I will go tomorrow, and in the meantime, I have cheered myself up with a fun video by well-known French-Moroccan stand-up comedian Gad Elmaleh about the French.


I don’t know if whistling in the middle of a sentence is any worse than saying “like” more times than one can count… But another particular sound the French make happens when we breathe in while saying “oueh” (oui). My American husband pointed that out to me many times, when he catches me breathing in and saying “oueh” at the same time; he finds it hilarious and impossible to replicate…

What other fun quirks have you noticed about my “compatriotes”?


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