Le mot rigolo : «embrouillamini»

30 Mar

I am enjoying following Le mot du jour, which started back in March with a daily French word and Wiktionary definitions. I had to share today’s fun word, which is so perfectly fitting to my daily interpreting calls and some interesting misunderstandings even with my husband:

// embrouillamini // masculine noun: (Colloquial) Confusion. Des embrouillamis regrettables. FR. SYN. Imbroglio (Source: Multidictionnaire)

// brouillamini // masculine noun: (Colloquial) Confusion, total mess. FR. SYN. pagaille (Source: Multidictionnaire)

Personally, I have never used or heard neither word except for the verb: “embrouiller” or “s’embrouiller avec quelqu’un”.


Tu m’embrouilles complètement avec tes histoires… Que s’est-il réellement passé ? // You are completely confusing me with your stories… What actually happened?

Murielle et Paul se sont embrouillés alors je ne sais pas s’ils viendront avec nous au restaurant ce soir… // Murielle and Paul fell out, so I am not sure if they will be coming to the restaurant with us tonight…

Je renonce à vouloir démêler l’embrouillamini chronologique de mes souvenirs d’enfance (Cendrars, Bourlinguer, 1948, p. 240)

Il est un jeu où l’on nous convie, dans un embrouillamini de lignes, à repasser au crayon certaines d’entre elles (…) pour voir surgir un dessin qui était dissimulé dans la confusion apparente. Huyghe, Dialogue avec le visible, 1955, p. 313.

Gaz de schiste, l’embrouillamini parlementaire et une énorme déception citoyenne // Shale gas, a parliamentary muddle (or “imbroglio”, “entanglement”) and a huge civic disappointment

Now I get frustrated when a phone conversation I am interpreting still gets entangled into total imbroglio because the recipient of the call refuses to listenHearing is not enough… Understanding the language is not enough… If one simply refuses to ask the right questions in order to provide the right answers. It is called being stubborn (être buté), or plain stupid! And as we beat around the bush (nous tournons autour du pot…) over a poor phone connection with repeated questions and repeated answers this morning, the frustration and anger was building up and I fell victim of these feelings. I came out of my shadow one time to explain that I could unfortunately not do anything about the bad sound, that I was doing my best to speak very loud and that it is not an interpreting issue… I had clarified for both parties what was going on and eventually, the representative figured out what department the caller needed to be transferred to… (sigh!)

Just another day in the cyber-interpreting world… Passez une bonne fin de semaine sans embrouillaminis ! Or maybe make your own fun « embrouillamini lamp » from Clafoutis Design:

Lampe embrouillamini

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  1. clafoutis design novembre 17, 2014 à 07:40 #

    Merci pour cette citation de ma lampe ! Je viens justement deg la recommercialiser et sous le nom d’Embrouille pour être plus simple 🙂

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