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Le mot rigolo : «embrouillamini»

30 Mar

I am enjoying following Le mot du jour, which started back in March with a daily French word and Wiktionary definitions. I had to share today’s fun word, which is so perfectly fitting to my daily interpreting calls and some interesting misunderstandings even with my husband:

// embrouillamini // masculine noun: (Colloquial) Confusion. Des embrouillamis regrettables. FR. SYN. Imbroglio (Source: Multidictionnaire) Lire la suite

When gender matters: « le découvert » vs. « la découverte »

26 Mar

As you can tell from the decreasing frequency of my posts, this interpreter/ translator/ blogger/ student is busy… and right now, feeling quite overwhelmed (in French: Je suis un peu dépassée par les évènements !). It is not just the work; it is the research and decision-making involved in moving. It seems to completely clog up my mind and stifle creativity. The anxiety of finding the right home, a good mover at a good price, packing & organizing, and then transferring all our bills, all that while we are already preparing for an extended stay overseas … it is all a bit much for me!

Since I am already researching and relearning financial terms related to the stock market for my class, I thought I would firstly share our mot du bonjour, and then cover some definitions. Lire la suite

Le mot du repos : « concocter des petits plats »

18 Mar

Quand j’ai un peu de temps ou quand je reçois des amis ou ma famille, j’aime bien concocter des petits plats (ou des grands selon le nombre de personnes !) savoureux, qui conviennent à tous les goûts.

When I have a little time or when I am hosting friends or family, I enjoy concocting (devising) delicious small dishes (or big ones depending on how many!) that are suitable to all tastes.

Following is the recipe for one of my “staple dishes” that my American family and friends rave about, and is great if you need to bring a large covered dish at a party or family get-together:



A slice of my lasagna | © Leanne Wickliffe-Keisler

Lire la suite

« Mademoiselle » chante le blues… « Mondamoiseau » se retire pour toujours…

16 Mar

Mademoiselle chante le blues, Patricia Kaas

“Mademoiselle” is singing the blues. Mademoiselle has the blues. Mademoiselle has disappeared forever, at least from all official forms issued by the State in France. The removal of a supposedly discriminating title has caused quite some reactions in France, mainly against it. Lire la suite

Concerning « préoccupations » vs. “concerns”

15 Mar

There is reason to be concerned about the potential misuse of false-cognates in French and English. They are a daily occurrence in my life, and because I concentrate on interpreting meaning-for-meaning, I have gotten used to them. And sometimes, there are not faux-amis per se, but just different usage for the derived terms of a word… Lire la suite

Le mot du travail : « benefits » ≠ « bénéfices »

12 Mar

Faux-amis are so much fun… Since I interpret for health insurance companies, state health insurance plans, welfare programs in several countries, human resources departments for large companies, the word “benefits” comes up dozens of times a day (or as we like to say in French: 36 fois par jour). And in some contexts, the homonym works, in others not… Lire la suite

« Mode de vie » : ville ou montagne ?

10 Mar

Notre demeure actuelle, dans les Appalaches

Après trois années en location dans le chalet photographié ce matin (ci-dessus), un choix important se pose à mon mari et moi : conserver ce même mode de vie paisible en montagne ou campagne, ou bien adopter un mode de vie citadin, proche du centre-ville ?

// mode de vie // expression, masculine noun: lifestyle Lire la suite

Leme motfo rifigofolofo : « Langue de feu »

9 Mar

Sivi voufou lifiséfez cefe mefessafagefe, vousfou cofonaifèséfez lafa lanfanguefe defe feufe…

This reads in French: If you can read this message, you know “langue de feu” (pig latin). And I can already tell you: my spell checker hates it! Lire la suite

Le mot d’émotion : « Pleurer comme une madeleine »

7 Mar

Mes madeleines, home-made

Don’t worry, I am not crying my eyes out today, but I thought it would be a great excuse to also share one of my favorite French “biscuits/ petits gâteaux” (or as Nancy’s® likes to say, “small bites”). Baking a sizable batch is on my list this week, because I have been craving my little lemony, light madeleines, which so perfectly accompany my afternoon tea or coffee. Lire la suite

Mettons à nu la différence entre « Naked » et « Bare »

2 Mar

As Vincent would say in Pulp Fiction: “It’s the little differences…”. Indeed, it is the hints of an accent, a usage that is off, like using a British term in the USA, the wrong preposition, not quite the right term; it is the little things, which unveil your non-native state.
Lire la suite

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