Voyager au travers des saveurs du monde

25 Fév

Tea, the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world (after water)

When the week-end is here and it is time to catch up on chores try and relax, I find that the little pleasures of life provide a wonderful escape. Whether it is soaking in a lavender bath to let my mind wander to Provence, enjoying an espresso worthy of a café at Piazza della Repubblica in Florence, or savoring an apple-amaretto-infused rooibos and dream of Africa, flavors and scents have a powerful effect on our senses.

As I am writing this post, I am enjoying the invigorating effect of the Jasmine tea pictured above. I do love tea ♥… and for good reasons: the multitude of flavors and types from all over the world, the delicious taste that keeps me away from high-calorie snacks, the soothing warmth, the wonderful health benefits (the highest source of anti-oxidants comes from rooibos – red bush tea, but they are also found in black, green, white and herbal tea/ tisane) and sometimes the kick from caffeine.

Especially since we were covering the topic of flavors with delicious/ délicieux in my translation class, I thought I would share a few terms related to taste for today’s mot du voyage.

De lentes rafales passaient, apportant les saveurs fortes de l’air salin et de la sueur visqueuse des varechs. ~ Guy de Maupassant, Une vie

I enjoy the French verb « savourer »… On peut savourer un repas avec des amis, et passer des heures à discuter, et les bons goûts se mélangent aux rires. On peut savourer un moment, un échange, une vue imprenable. Just like in English, savoring means to enjoy, to appreciate, or to possess a particular smell or taste.

// saveur // feminine noun: savor, taste, sensation

Cinnamon Ice Cream & Raspberry Sorbet

Cinnamon Ice Cream & Raspberry Sorbet (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)


// goût // masculine noun: taste
// avoir bon goût // masculine noun: to taste good
// goûter (qch) // transitive, first group verb: to taste (stg), to try (stg) (Note: only in Québec is the intransitive form used to say something tastes good (Ça goûte bon). Ex. Cette tarte goûte la cannelle. = This pie tastes like cinnamon. In France, you would say « Cette tarte a un goût de cannelle » or « Cette tarte sent la cannelle. »)
// Les goûts et les couleurs, ça ne se discutent pas // expression: There is no accounting for (no disputing about) tastes
// J’aime comme elle s’habille, ell a bon goût // expression: I like the way she dresses, she has good tastes/ she is tasteful
// dégustation (de vin) // feminine noun: (wine-)tasting
// déguster // first group verb: to savo(u)r, to sample, to taste
// parfum // masculine noun: flavor
// Quel parfum (or: arôme) de sorbet désirez-vous? // What flavor sherbet would you like?

A ce moment, un parfum de caramel, de pâte chaude envahit l’atelier où tombait le crépuscule en fine poussière décolorante. ~ Alphonse Daudet, le Nabab, tome II

Et vous, chers lecteurs, chères lectrices, quels sont les saveurs et les parfums qui vous envoûtent?

4 Réponses to “Voyager au travers des saveurs du monde”

  1. Jes février 26, 2012 à 05:27 #

    Firstly, a big thank you for your blog. As yet another Anglophone in France, I thoroughly enjoy your observations, learn something new from each and every post, and am as fascinated by your (incredibly good) use of English as I am by the French nuances which would otherwise have escaped me.

    In the post on ‘saveurs’, I’d be interested to know the opinion of other Anglophone readers on the use of ‘drank’ in the caption for the photo.

    In the meantime, merci bcp de nouveau pour le blog et bonne continuation.

    • FrenchNad février 26, 2012 à 08:42 #


      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment and I am thrilled you both enjoy and learn from my blog!

      Merci aussi d’avoir corrigé ma faute en anglais! It should be « drunk » (drink/ drank/ drunk) but it still sounds strange… How about « consumed »? Thanks!


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