“Anniversary” vs. « Anniversaire »

20 Fév

It is a bit confusing…Happy birthday = Joyeux anniversaire

Happy anniversary = Joyeux anniversaire de mariage

My grandparents celebrated their diamond anniversary last year. = Mes grands-parents ont fêté leurs noces de diamant l’année dernière.

A contemporary birthday cake
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It is an appropriate day for the word since I am celebrating my birthday today. Outside of being President’s Day (pretty cool that I almost have the same birthday as George Washington, which is actually on February 22!), it really is just another working day, but I am planning to enjoy it with a massage tonight and a date with my husband tomorrow evening at the closest French restaurant Le Bouchon, for all-you-can eat mussels (yum!!).

I am not going to reveal my exact age, but let’s just say that I became a “trentenaire” not too long ago… For decades, you can use these nouns to explain which birthday one person is celebrating. Ex.  “Il deviendra un quinquagénaire l’année prochaine, donc on organisera une grande fête en son honneur”.

One more usage tip: in French, you can say “May 5 is the anniversary of Napoleon Bonaparte’s death” (l’anniversaire de la mort…); but for commemorating a significant date, like WWII armistice on May 8, 1945, we would say “la date commémorant l’armistice” or just “Nous fêtons l’armistice de la 2ème guerre mondiale”.

Finally, in finance, the anniversary date is the exact date, after one year, when the interest starts to accrue on a mortgage.
In French, you would express this the same way:  la date anniversaire est la date qui revient annuellement pendant toute la durée d’un prêt immobilier.

This would also apply to the anniversary date of your hire date (la date anniversaire de votre date d’embauche).

Voilà pour anniversaire/ anniversary… Happy President’s Day!

6 Réponses to ““Anniversary” vs. « Anniversaire »”

  1. sthornley90 février 20, 2012 à 09:56 #

    Joyeux anniversaire! 🙂 Is there any significant difference between bon anniversaire and joyeux anniversaire? x

    • FrenchNad février 20, 2012 à 10:00 #

      Merci beaucoup!
      Not, not really, you can say both! « Joyeux » is « happy »; « bon » is « good » as in « have a good/ great birthday! » 😉

  2. Jennifer Bikkal Horne février 20, 2012 à 09:59 #

    Happy birthday Nadia!!

    • FrenchNad février 20, 2012 à 10:06 #

      Thanks Jennifer!! Have a great Monday!
      My Commercial I class is officially starting tomorrow… excited and anxious. Cheers!

  3. Jonathan GOLDBERG février 20, 2012 à 11:25 #

    Many happy returns of the day to you and George Washington! Keep up the good work with your great blog! I hope to be reading it for many years to come.


    • FrenchNad février 20, 2012 à 11:43 #

      Thanks so much Jonathan!! I appreciate your support and I will do my best to keep up the blog, cheers to « many years to come »! Have a great day yourself!


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