Le mot rigolo : « le bazar »

3 Fév

Bazar” is a fun word in French. Originally, it was an outdoor market like the souk in Marrakech.

English: bazaar, from Persian بازار (bâzâr) ‘market’, from Middle Persian (Pahlavi) vacar, from Old Persian vahā-čarana ‘market-walkabout’, compound of Proto-Indo-European *wesā- ‘to buy’ and *kʷéle/o ‘to turn’ (Source: Wiktionary)

English: Nabeul (Tunisia): inside the souk Ned...
Image via Wikipedia | A souk in Tunisia

Then it became an eclectic store with exotic-type goods, and is apparently an archaic word in English… However in French it is still very much used to describe a mess. And I vote for bringing back this term to describe American pharmacies!

Wal-Bazaar, sounds pretty good. How about Eck-bazaar? It almost sounds Arabic, I like it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of being able to walk into a “pharmacy” late at night (well, I don’t recall the last time that has happened… early in the morning is more likely), and not only pick up prescription medicine, but also buy my milk, eggs, even beer (?), chocolate, oh and grandma’s birthday card, and by the way I needed more shampoo, and while we are at it, a new toy for Fido the dog…

Source: kensingtonrx.com | A typical full-service drugstore

It is quite surprising what you can find in a “pharmacy” in the USA, which has become synonymous of “convenience store”, rather than “drug store”. In France, we have “parapharmacies” for all products produced by labs, but which are not medicinal; i.e. beauty products, cosmetics, sunscreen, organic make-up, soaps, vitamins and supplements, etc. Quite an interesting hotchpotch we have in U.S. pharmacies, especially in the country, due to the few stores available.
In my village in rural France though, we had a grocer-baker-butcher-caterer… the only store in the area, but very convenient. Certainly could qualify as « bazaar » as well.

// bazar // masculine noun: souk; general store; mess; clutter; hodgepodge; junk shop; dump


Tu as vu la chambre de Christine ? C’est un désastre ! Un vrai bazar ! // Have you seen Christine’s room? A total disaster! A real mess!

Cette épicerie est vraiment devenu un bazar, on trouve vraiment de tout ! // This grocery store has a real hodgepodge of anything you can think of!

Amène tes affaires et tout ton bazar ici… // Bring all your things here, everything but the kitchen sink…

It is one of those fun, strange, bizarre words; a self-reminder to clean up and organize the “bazaar” in my basement. Happy Friday!


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