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L’expression du jour : « Manque de bol/ pot »

1 Fév

Sometimes I plan my postings ahead of time and they magically post at 8 am each morning… other times, I have to “wing it” on the same day, like today. And if I truly wrote about emotions today, they would be negative: frustrated (“frustré(e)”), angry (“en colère”), upset (“fâché(e)” or “contrarié(e)”) … so I will not.

But I can tell you the reason for these feelings, a total…

// manque de bol/ manque de pot // expression, masculine noun: tough luck, (literally:) lack of luck

Speed Limit What???

Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

That is right… I got up 15 minutes late, I did not realize I was speeding on a small street posting 35 mph speed limit in my town and got a ticket, then I mixed up my medical appointment time, which caused me to arrive to work late. Although I called in, I got an “occurrence” (like a flag in football, basically!). Most people, including my husband, will disagree with my assessment of the situation as tough luck; but I really did not do any of this on purpose, and feel like a victim of (somewhat self-inflicted) negative circumstances. BUT… crap happens, to all of us… c’est la vie!

English: Wooden bowl found on board the 16th c...

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Antonym: // coup de bol / avoir du bol // expression, masculine noun: (to get) lucky


Elle a manqué son train de moins d’une minute, quel manque de bol ! // She missed her train by less than a minute, tough luck!

Il manque vraiment de pot : c’est la deuxième fois qu’il reçoit une visite de l’inspecteur ! // He has really bad luck: it is the second time he is being inspected!

Elle se retrouve à chaque fois en tête de liste d’attente, elle a vraiment du bol celle-là ! // She gets at the top of the waiting list every time, she is really lucky this one!

Quel coup de bol : un numéro gagnant au Lotto ! // Now that is a stroke of luck: a winning number at the lottery!

Pour aujourd’hui, je vous souhaite à tous, chers lecteurs, chères lectrices, beaucoup de bol !!

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