Le mot rigolo : « Cabinet »

20 Jan

Image by Silk Road Collection via Flickr

One peculiarity of using and learning both English and French, is the prevalence of « faux-amis« ; those « fake friends » that sound or look the same in both languages, but have complete different meanings. Usually they have been borrowed from French into the English language, but their usage has assigned them a new meaning.

I will try for our « mots rigolos » on Fridays to come up with some of those, and save us all a few incidents of embarrassment!

// cabinet // nom masculin: office, firm, practise, also an antique cabinet
// cabinets // nom masculin pluriel: toilet, GB loo, US bathroom, restroom

Quite confusing when « cabinet » is usually used in English for a cupboard or kitchen pantry; this is what the term originally meant in French as well, as a small separate room (un cabinet de toilette; un cabinet de débarras).
However, nowadays, we usually use « une armoire, un petit placard » for the pantry…


Cabinet d’avocats Simon Associés // Simon & Associates Law Firm

Le cabinet de mon médecin généraliste, le Dr. Kassler, se trouve seulement à 2 km de chez moi. // My GP’s office, Dr. Kassler, is only 2 km away from my house.

Où se trouvent les cabinets chez toi? // Where is the bathroom located in your house?

Turns out to be a pretty useful word for your next trip to a French-speaking country, right? Happy Friday!


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