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Today’s smart word: « réfuter » (no, not refudiate ;-)

9 Sep
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I must admit that Labor Day week-end caused my normal schedule to be a little off, and instead of being prepared, I am playing catch-up… Nevertheless, it makes this week’s « mots du bonjour » a little more spontaneous! After reading Todd Pack’s « freshly pressed » blog post regarding Sarah Palin’s mishap with the English language (« refudiate« ) and the inability to properly use more advanced words, I thought the following would be appropriate for our Thursday category, le mot intello:

// réfuter // 1st group verb, (conjugate⇒): to refute, to disprove, to controvert, to rebut.
Synonyms: démentir, contester


Il a réfuté l’accusation de son patron sur son manque de fiabilité. // He refuted the accusation by his boss on his lack of reliability.
Sarah a réfuté en bloc toutes les accusations portées contre elle. // Sarah refuted entirely all accusations made against her.
Le rôle de l’avocat est de réfuter les accusations portées contre son client. // The attorney’s role is to refute the accusations made against his client.

Bonne… nuit!!

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