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Today’s French word: « M.D.R. »

27 Août

Want to learn some texting abbreviations in French? Easy… Let’s start with:

// *M.D.R. / Mort De Rire // L.O.L. / Laughing Out Loud.
Litteral translation: Dying Laughing.


Je suis *MDR = Je suis mort(e) de rire // I am LOL = I am laughing out loud.
Ah, ha! *MDR! // Ha, ha! LOL
*LMAO!! (Laughing My Ass Off) // PTDR (Pété De Rire)

*Disclaimer: these abbreviations are not in the dictionary and do not constitute real words. Please only use in texting, on-line chatting or twittering. Do no use in e-mails, letters or essays!

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