Le mot d’émotion: « J’aime »

28 Juil

[tweetmeme source= »FrenchNad » only_single=false] Let’s study one of people’s favorite French words, based on the notion that the French are romantics and Paris is « the city of love » (really? Thought it was the city of pollution, traffic, noise, people-crushing, bad smell… Can you tell I am from the « province« ):

// Aimer // + qch/ qn; verb, 1st conjugation group: to like or to love + stg/ sby. // S’aimer // reflexive verb form: to love each other.
// Amour // nom masculin: l’amour, un amour

Listen to today’s word:

Conjugation for « aimer« , Indicative Present Tense (Reflexive form)

J’aime I love
Tu aimes You love
Il/ Elle aime He/ she loves
Nous aimons (Nous nous aimons) We love (We love each other)
Vous aimez (Vous vous aimez) You love (You love each other)
Ils aiment (Ils s’aiment) They love (They love each other)


Je t’aime! // I love you!
J’aime le chocolat. // I like chocolate.
Aimer + INF Form (ex. Elle aime danser) // To like + ING Form (ex. She likes dancing)
Oui, mon amour! // Yes, my love/ my darling!
Mon amour d’enfance // My childhood love
Mon premier amour // My first love
Faire l’amour (Faisons l’amour!) // To make love (Let’s make love!)
Je l’aime un peu/ beaucoup/ passionément/ à la folie/ pas du tout // I love him/ her a little/ very much/ passionately/ madly/ not at all

BONUS 1 for our nostalgic readers: A beautiful song from my childhood, « J’aime » by Salvatore Adamo (he also sang this song in Spanish « Quiero »)

BONUS 2 for our youth readers: Enjoy the biggest hit of 2009 by Jena Lee, a new French artist at this LINK: « J’aimerais tellement » (I would like so much)

BONUS 3 for our sensual readers: This song came out when I was in high-school I believe… Loved it (je l’aimais beaucoup)!

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