Le Mot du Repos: « Les Vacances »

25 Juil

La Promenade des Anglais, Nice

[tweetmeme source= »FrenchNad » only_single=false] For this week’s Sunday « mot du repos » (word of rest/ R&R) and as we are enjoying the summer, learn:

//vacances// nom féminin, pluriel. Usage always in the plural form: « Les vacances ». Translation: vacation, holidays.


Listen to today’s word by clicking here: Vacances


Les vacances // vacation
Prendre des vacances (Quand vas-tu prendre des vacances?)
to take a vacation (When are you going to take a vacation?)
Partir en vacances (Je pars en vacances dimanche.)// To go on a holiday (I leave on vacation Sunday.)
Je vais partir en vacances. // I am going to leave on vacation.
Je serai
en vacances pendant une semaine. // I will be on vacation for one week.
Je vais partir en vacances à Nice // I am going to leave on vacation to Nice.

Bonnes vacances!

BONUS 1: Enjoy today’s topic with a « sketch » from « Un Gars et Une Fille », a very popular mini-series from French public television. Today, our « Boy and Girl » plan a vacation together… they debate where to go, whether they should travel together, and how to best prepare… including writing postcards in advance 🙂


BONUS 2: One of my favorite all-time comedies (also ’80s — must be missing the days…) is « European Vacation ». I thought it would be appropriate to include an excerpt from the film where the Griswolds try to use their French to order world cuisine at a « tourist-trap » restaurant in Paris.



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