Notre Mot du Jour: « Voyage »

24 Juil

Voyager en avion (To travel by plane)

[tweetmeme source= »FrenchNad » only_single=false]As this is the title word for our Saturday category, let us cover some usage for the word:

//voyage// nom masculin: le voyage: the trip; un voyage: a journey. Contrarily to its homonym used in English, the word « voyage » refers to any trip, short or long, by car, plane or horse-buggy…


Listen to today’s word by clicking HERE.


J’aime voyager. // I like to travel.

Bon voyage! //  Have a good trip!

Où pars-tu en voyage? OR Où voyages-tu? //  Where are you traveling?

Partir en voyage…// To go on a trip…

Je suis en voyage d’affaire. // I am on a business trip.

Verb: voyager (to travel), 1st conjugation group, Indicative Present Tense

Je voyage

Tu voyages

Il/ Elle voyage

Nous voyageons

Vous voyagez

Ils voyagent

Bon voyage!

BONUS 1 : Enjoy the trailer for one of my favorite French films titled « Bon Voyage » with fantastic French actors including Gérard Depardieu and beautiful Isabelle Adjani…

TIP OF THE DAY: Watching a foreign film in its original language with English subtitles is a great way to practise your skills and learn new vocabulary! 

BONUS 2: French song « Voyage, voyage »… oh, how I miss the ’80s!! 🙂



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